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I Do (But I Don't) - Details

The Story:
Divorced Wedding planner meets Handsome Fireman, who also
happens to be engaged to Divorced Wedding Planner's Psycho Bride Client. Or is he?

The Inspiration:
Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride took herself far, far too seriously? I have. Many times. I figured there needed to be a book for the rest of us.

The Dish:
In 2004, "I Do (But I Don't)" was made into a Lifetime Movie
starring Denise Richards and Dean Cain. I went to the set in Montreal during filming, where I wandered around trying very hard to be cool and not completely star struck and not blurting out every five minutes "I wrote this book! I wrote it!" like I was four. (Yes, Dean Cain is even more gorgeous in person. No, I don't have his phone number).

The DVD of the movie is out now and in the special section there's some clips of me being interviewed. They've stuck me between the beautiful people (Denise and Dean) so I look sort of like a troll. Watch at your own risk!

Word From The Critics:

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