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Every Demon Has It's Day- Details

The Story:
It’s your not-so-typical Girl meets Demon story, where our heroine discovers she’s the Chosen One who must prevent the conception of the Antichrist. Her only helpers are the ghost of her useless almost-ex husband and a talking French Bulldog in a pink sweater. Looks like God likes rooting for underdogs.

The Inspiration:
I am a total horror movie sissy, but I am completely addicted to the History channel (Armageddon Week is like my Shark Week). I started thinking about what if the devil’s army and God’s army were just like us? In other words, there might be demons out there who were stuck in middle management and bored with their jobs. I fleshed out that idea a little more, and voila, now you have “Every Demon Has His Day” in which every other chapter is narrated by a pair of disgruntled demons hoping to get ahead, and God’s Chosen One is, well, just like you and me. 

The Dish:
Hits book stores April 6. And look for the sequel to “Every Demon Has His Day.” It’s called “Can’t Teach An Old Demon New Tricks” and it hits bookstores in Fall 2009.